Transdermal technology specialists are continuing to search for new methods that can effectively and painlessly deliver larger molecules in therapeutic quantities to overcome the difficulties skin penetration. Transdermal delivery can improve the efficacy for topical application this through the intact skin surface. Modulation of formulations and addition of chemical enhancers can increase the flux but this is not always sufficient to ensure delivery of pharmacologically effective concentration at the wanted site in a certain time-period. 

Ultrasound (sonophoresis, phonophoresis and ultraphonophoresis) is a technique for increasing the skin permeation of ingredients using ultrasound as a physical force. It is a combination of ultrasound therapy with topical delivery of actives to achieve elevated concentrations of the molecules at selected sites in the skin. In this technique, the ingredients of the selected serum or gel are used to transfers ultrasonic energy from the device to the skin. The gel or serum is the coupling medium. Application of ultrasound enhances skin permeability. The mechanism of transdermal skin permeation involves disruption of the stratum corneum lipids, thus allowing the drug to pass through the skin. A corresponding reduction in skin resistance was observed due to cavitation, microstreaming and heat generation.


- Stimulation of collagen and elastin fibre synthesis.

- Reduction wrinkles and fine lines.

- Reduction of pigmental changes and eliminationof comedomes.

- Helps to control and prevent acne. Fades acne scars.

- Facilitates the elimination of toxins and metabolites.

- Provides a lymphatic drainage.

08 Oct 2015

New products launched


12 Jan 2015

World Anti-Aging Congress

Dermalliance will participate to the Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte-Carlo

01 Jan 2013

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