At the beginning of the 21st century scientists dealing with laser technology as well as recognised dermatologists developed scientific formulas related to dermocosmetology. Their intensive cooperation marked with a true passion resulted in the development of numerous new ingredients giving precisely defined effects and used in the LONGIDERM dermocosmetic range. Products of this range are available in pharmacies and other reputable points of sale.

Members of the scientist team from the DERMALLIANCE DERMATOLOGY LABORATORY admit that "skin is their passion". Owing to extensive research on skin ageing the DERMALLIANCE DERMATOLOGY LABORATORY has acquired deep knowledge in this field. Carefully selected active ingredients form closely combined whole with a precise molecular architecture in innovative formulas. The scientists analysed scientific data, tested active ingredients and textures for optimisation of precise effect, penetration and tolerance of sensitive skin. Another stage involved manufacture of products in accordance with pharmaceutical standards which is an art in itself. Also a selection of packaging played an important role in the philosophy of creation of the LONGIDERM range of products.



LONGIDERM is one of the finest cosmetic brands on the market. It help upgrading your cosmetic practice.

ROBERT KONING from Netherlands Robert Koning
08 Oct 2015

New products launched


12 Jan 2015

World Anti-Aging Congress

Dermalliance will participate to the Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte-Carlo

01 Jan 2013

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La empresa PAGES renueva su pagina Web.


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